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Lovage - Music to make love to your old lady by

Aquí les dejo este sabor muchachos!

Year: 2000
Genre: Downtempo
Label: TommyBoy

No.TitleAdditional artist(s)Length
1."Ladies Love Chest Rockwell"  Vocals: Prince Paul (as Chest Rockwell, the alias used forHandsome Boy Modeling School)1:19
2."Pit Stop (Take Me Home)"  3:56
3."Anger Management (Why Must God Punish Me)"  4:17
4."Everyone Has a Summer"  Scratches: Kid Koala4:16
5."To Catch a Thief"  3:17
6."Lies and Alibis"  3:16
7."Herbs, Good Hygiene & Socks"  Vocals: Afrika Bambaataa1:55
8."Book of the Month"  4:28
9."Lifeboat"  4:45
10."Strangers on a Train"  4:36
11."Lovage (Love That Lovage, Baby)"  Vocals: Damon Albarn (as Sir Damien Thorne VII of the Cockfoster's Clan)1:04
12."Sex (I'm A)(Berlin cover)6:19
13."Koala's Lament"  Scratches: Kid Koala3:53
14."Tea Time with Maseo"  Vocals: Maseo (as Chármelle Carmel) from De La Soul1:38
15."Stroker Ace"  4:29
16."Archie & Veronica"  6:05

Dan the Automator
Mike Patton
Jennifer Charles
Kid Koala

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