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Esperanto - Last Tango

Hoy andamos on fire

Year: 1975
Genre: Rock

Eleanor Rigby 7:43 (Lennon - McCartney)
Still Life 7:27 (Vincent - Meakin)
Painted Lady 3:26 (Vincent - Meakin)
Obsession 4:33 (Vincent - Meakin)
The Rape 12:07 (Vincent - Daniels)
Last Tango 3:29 (Vincent - Libert - Meakin)


Raymond Vincent, a Belgian violinist/songwriter who played in Wallace Collection (band).
Glenn Shorrock, an English/Australian singer who was living near London at the time and had left the group Axiom.
Joy Yates, Janice Slater and Bridget Dudoit, who had released a record under the name of Bones.
Brian Holloway, an Australian guitar player.
Godfrey Salmon, second violin
Tony Harris, viola
Timothy Kraemer, cello.

Download Link: Esperanto - Last Tango

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