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Of Wand and the Moon - Nighttime nightrhymes

A gorgeous cd from this danish neo-folk band, this is the first record of the only member, Kim Larsen, there's a lot of people that don't penetrate to the world of Neo-Folk, because they consider the genre quite boring, well this cd is completely different from everything else, the acoustic guitars are just magicals, the lyrics have a whole ranging of explosive emotions and feelings, from love and loss or joy, to germanic paganism, this is not pure neo-folk, take it as an intermediate moment, more sounds and active, beautiful in every sense, the whispered voice throughout the whole cd just help to intensify the experience, it's a good deal for the people that haven't decided wether enter or not into the dark side of the folk and the martial music.

Espléndido disco de esta banda de Neo-folk, la primera composición de su único miembro Kim Larsen, hay mucha gente que no penetra en el mundo del Neo-Folk porque la experiencia se le hace aburrida, pues este no es el caso de este disco, las guitarras acústicas son geniales, las letras tienen toda una gama de sentimiento y emociones de amor, pérdida, regocijo e incluso paganismo germánico, esta experiencia no es solo neo-folk, es un momento intermedio, más movido, hermoso en todo sentido, las voces susurradas durante todo el disco solamente ayudan a intensificar la experiencia, es un excelente disco para los que no se han decidio entrar de lleno a ese lado más oscuro del folk y la música marcial, espero y lo disfruten.

Genre: Folk/Neo-folk
Year: 1999
Label: Euphonious Records


  1. Gandr
  2. I Crave For You
  3. Lion Serpent Sun
  4. Sól Ek Sá
  5. In The Colours Of Night
  6. The Substance Of Simplicity
  7. Raven Chant
  8. She With Whom Compar'd The Alpes Are Vallies
  9. VargQld
  10. Wintry Mantle
  11. Nighttime Nightrhyme
  12. Mauna

Kim Larsen: composition, arrangement, vocals.

Download Link: Nighttime Nightrhymes

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