miércoles, 28 de marzo de 2012

Storm & Stress - Under Thunder and Fluorescent Light

Enjoy MoFos

Label: Touch and Go Records
Year: 2000
Genre: Math-ish

1 The Sky's The Ground, The Bombs Are Plants, And We're The Sun, Love (4:45)
2 An Address That Was To Skip Ahead Of The Gallop Of Its Own Sperm And Eggs And Wait For Itself In The Future: Letter To 2096 (4:50)
3 Meet Me In The Space They Stare At Leaving Their Seat During A Show (6:11)
4 It Takes A Million Years To Become Diamonds So Let's Just Burn Like Coal Until The Sky's Black (5:05)
5 The 1st. Our Lady Of Burning Thorns (6:14)
6 O, When My Lady Comes (1:49)
7 The 2nd. Perpetuate The Beautiful (4:08)
8 And Third And Youngest, Unnamed (5:13)
9 Forever, Like Anti-Oxidants (Listen To The Sound Our Cells Make) (5:11)

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